Chinese Kung Fu with a long history plays an important role in Chinese martial arts culture. So as to advocate the spirit of martial arts, TVB8 channel will be holding the "2013 TVB8 International Chinese Kung Fu Championship", hoping to encourage new potential Kung Fu talents to show off their skills and express their enthusiasm to the world. A new round of Kung Fu fanatic will surely sweep across the world! Regional finalists from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, USA, Canada, as well as UK & Europe will gather in Singapore on 28 July to compete for the champion of International Chinese Kung Fu and to become the new Kung Fu superstar! Professional action veterans Lau Ka Yung, Li Fai, Louis Fan will join hands with popular TVB artistes Kate Tsui and Ruco Chan to be the judges and performing guests of the show.

Global audiences please stay tuned with TVB8 on Aug 10 at 9pm to feel the power and passion of the new Kung Fu star-to-be!